AAEAAQAAAAAAAAcVAAAAJGI5ZTMxODcwLTNhYTEtNDU2MS1hYWRhLWI2Y2QxNTkzNmUyMAAmazon Exposed: The Importance of Employer Branding

The New York Times’ expose on Amazon, and Jeff Bezos’ uncharacteristic response, have ramifications beyond the company’s Seattle campus. As a planet we are unused to flat out criticism of the online retail behemoth; yes, Amazon is a slightly impersonal shopping experience, a bit like an internet vending machine, but it is generally seen as a paragon of dot com success. But can Amazon, and its scores of imitators, really continue to grow without caring about its employees?  And what can the rest of us learn about the importance of employer branding?

The article’s revelations which included staff crying at their desk may be shocking, but they are certainly not surprising.  As a recruiter specialising in Digital & Internet Retailing, I’ve been observing Amazon closely in the UK since 2003. Having worked with Amazon as a client and met many ex-Amazonians as job seekers over the past decade, I didn’t read anything in the NYT article that came as a surprise.  Yes, Amazonians are a peculiar breed, but they are still all human.

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September 4, 2015 in Resource Centre