e1Your Message or Theirs? Take Control of Your Employer Brand

Recruiters spend a lot of time learning how to create and optimize job descriptions, but candidates may potentially avoid your company before they even see your job description.

Assuming a relevant job is available, top candidates will ultimately decide whether or not to pursue a job with your company based on two brand elements: the company brand and the recruiting brand.

Your company brand is comprised of the elements that differentiate your company from another. Brand elements could be positive: reliability, great customer service, being “hip” or cool, low-cost, environmentally or socially conscious. Or they could be negative: takes advantage of employees, only out to make a buck, mismanaged, stodgy, sloppy, or unresponsive.

Your recruiting, or employer, brand is how your company is perceived to treat its employees, its corporate culture, and shared company values. The recruiting brand is the area where you will have the most influence and control.

Your company’s brand drives job seeker behavior. Based on Simply Hired behavioral data, job seekers are 7 times more likely to view jobs from companies branded as good places to work* than from companies with negative brand reputations.

SOURCE: employers.simplyhired.com

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December 11, 2013 in Marketing