88d41cafba15f1c5a6234ea5e1bcb628_400x400Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Glassdoor

Widespread access to the internet, particularly via smartphones, has resulted in an increased dependence upon online sources of information before making decisions.

Whether it is books or hotels, televisions or restaurants, consumers often seek the opinions of others before committing to purchase. Recent research suggests that job applicants display similar behavioural traits; also relying on online channels such as Glassdoor for trusted information to make employment decisions. Glassdoor allows employees and former employees to anonymously review companies and their management as well as detail salary and interview information.

My recent study is the first significant academic research in to Glassdoor in the UK and suggests that the site is regarded by users as more trustworthy than traditional information sources such as employer-produced collateral or career guidance professionals.

SOURCE: hrmagazine.co.uk

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September 7, 2015 in Recruitment, Resource Centre