Employer-Branding-blog-imageWhy Employer Branding must change Recruitment

I want to preface this blog by explaining that it’s not a Jerry McGuire style manifesto on the future of our beloved industry, more just a few light hearted thoughts on some of the areas we take for granted but might be preventing us from moving ourselves forward.

A question appeared on a LinkedIn group last week inviting readers to share the worst words that candidates use on CVs, the comment as you can imagine got a plethora of responses ranging from entrepreneur to the words Curriculum Vitae. Most of the mirth and mayhem, some of it very scathing, was pointed toward the candidates, who, let’s be honest, are trying their best to impress with these documents and fill the vacancy that’s been advertised, and for most to improve their position in the industrial machine that both consumes and sustains them. As a result they are bowing to external pressures from the recruitment process to simultaneously impress and conform.

SOURCE: papirflybrandcentre.com

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October 17, 2013 in Marketing, Recruitment