r45Why Employer Branding is Worth the Investment

Ever have a conversation with that guy who tells you he works for a company that you don’t recognize? May be a little awkward with the blank stare you send back. It’s usually much easier to continue the conversation when he responds with a very recognizable company name.

You may make an immediate association with the company and its brand, and comment that you think he has a pretty fun job with a pretty cool company.

But you don’t see the twinkle in his eye when he talks about his job or the company. It’s evident that he doesn’t have the same perception as you.

That would be an example of someone who is not buying into the employer’s brand, even though the image of the company to the consumer appears to stand for something much greater. For a brand manager or human resources professional, that’s not so much fun.

Just as branding defines a company to consumers, it also defines the organization to its employees and job candidates.

SOURCE: propertymanagementinsider.com

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January 27, 2014 in Marketing