r1What will 2014 bring for talent and employers in APAC?

Big data. Social media. Return-on-investment (ROI). Google. Work-life balance.

These are some of the buzz words in the world of recruitment and employer branding in 2013. In the seven years since Universum set foot in the APAC region, we have definitely sensed heightened awareness and have engaged more organizations than ever before – including government agencies and employers in emerging economies such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam – in discussions around employer branding. Areas of interest include how to build a compelling case on the value of employer branding for senior management, development of global and local employer value propositions (EVP), use of social media to engage, attract and recruit talent, ongoing measurement of success in employer branding etc.

Every employer branding journey is different and persistent. With so many different aspects to cover, what should the HR community in the APAC region be focusing on in the coming new year? Here is an overview of what we believe will be trending:

SOURCE: universumglobal.com

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January 10, 2014 in Recruitment