r33What HR Needs to Know About Employer Branding

Employer brand management is key to a modern human resources strategy. So say 59 percent of employers, according to research by the CRF Institute. But “branding” is not a traditional HR function — so building an effective employer brand is likely to require a learning curve for the folks in your HR department.

To get started in the right direction, here are three things HR professionals need to know about employment branding.

Reality must match the brand promise. The most effective HR departments are experts at building a company culture. And effective employer brands will promote the actual culture that exists at your company—not the one HR is working to build or hoping to establish. Once your company makes promises to the world of potential job candidates, your company must follow through on those promises from the first day an employee comes to work. If not, they will quickly realize your workplace is not what they expected—and they will likely share that realization with the rest of the world.

SOURCE: glassdoor.com

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January 6, 2014 in Resource Centre