Employer-Branding-blog-imageUsing New Hire Orientation for Employer Branding Purposes

Companies are expanding ways to showcase their Employer Brand. From starting a company blog and establishing a company LinkedIn page chock full of videos, testimonials, photos, SlideShare decks, etc., through establishing Employee Brand Ambassadors to using an Instagram account to display their workplace setting, companies are being proactive about their most precious HR commodity—their Employer Brand.

I suggest that firm’s should use a new venue to explain, highlight and promote their Employer Brand, namely their new hire orientation sessions (whether delivered virtually or in person).

Think about how powerful and effective it would be on a new hire’s first morning to be exposed to an orientation session involving the Employer Brand.

This session I would propose would be delivered during the first morning of orientation, sandwiched in-between (and before lunch) the company information session and benefits explanations and paperwork. Company should highlight their employee value proposition, their brand essence, information about their product brands and information about their various employer awards.

Additionally, companies need to incorporate storytelling and company legends into their presentations about their Employer Brand. These stories can include tales about outstanding employees going above and beyond in delivering exemplary service to customers. Kindly see this youtube video interview with Cheryl Petersen, formerly of Avis Budget Group explaining how an employee went above and beyond for a customer. Her wonderful explanation is a vivid account of customer service and a terrific story to tell at Avis’s new hire orientation. In fact, think about how powerful it would have been to have brought in that Avis employee to Avis’s new hire orientation.

So, as your company thinks about ways to promote its Employer Brand, don’t miss a chance to use new hire orientation as a venue.

About the Author:

John Torrance-Nesbitt

Johnny Torrance-Nesbitt | MBA |  Former Director of Employment Branding Monsanto (Corp. Hdqts)

Johnny is an award-winning Global HR professional across several industries and with outstanding successes in Global University Relations, Employment Branding and Global Talent Acquisition, and Diversity Strategies most notably at several leading global Fortune 500 businesses such as Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, and the dot.com start-up, Unext/Cardean University in Chicago and London, England.

He built the Employment Branding function at Monsanto and the Best Place to Work Awards efforts (which resulted in Monsanto winning  (back-to-back consecutive wins) Fortune Magazine “100 Best Companies to work for” ® and volunteered to be a Diversity Trainer (training being conducted by Management Dynamics & Scendis) and built and led University Relations (with Global reach).

December 1, 2014 in News