r8Tips to Becoming an Employer of Choice in 2014

2014 is just hours away and with it will come opportunities for companies to make a fresh start in the areas of sourcing top talent, increasing productivity, improving organizational culture and brand and employee engagement and satisfaction—all of which can affect retention rates.

The FORTUNE 100 Best Places to Work will officially launch January 16, 2014. And though you’ll have to wait a couple weeks to discover which companies made the list, you don’t have to wait to take the necessary steps to ensure your company is an employer of choice.

Among top employers, 2014 promises to address some of the challenges we’ve seen in recent years. We’ve seen several studies come out this past year discussing how many employees are not engaged in their workplace. This year, the best companies are figuring out creative ways to develop and help their employees with their career paths to engage and retain top performers. They do this through executive coaching, professional development classes, and training for managers to identify how to best facilitate employee growth.

SOURCE: recruiter.com

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January 6, 2014 in Marketing, Recruitment