e1The promise of brand and the why of it all

Starting a new business is a most exciting (and frightening) activity, akin to bringing a new baby into the world. You have to nurture it, feed it, be patient with it and teach it how to survive on this planet and develop a character and personality designed to add value, impress and find its rightful place in society.

A baby has your DNA, so it is imbued with a give set of characteristics, whether physical, mental or emotional that he/she can build on while developing their own way of being.

A product or service, especially something new, designed by you, doesn’t have these and yet, one could argue, that the character and personality of your product – how it communicates and what it stands for is what is going to make it stand out as a great brand, or just an ordinary brand.

SOURCE: growqatar.com

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November 27, 2013 in Marketing