e2The Next Hollywood Blockbuster, Starring… Your Talent Brand?

As we head toward awards season, I’ve been thinking: Hollywood really should consider making a big-budget blockbuster about talent brand. It’s got all the ingredients of an epic movie. Our fearless protagonist, the head of employer branding, faces the daunting challenge of reining in a hairy runaway talent brand. After a lot of sleepless nights, surviving on a meager budget and an epic battle with marketing, she somehow manages to control the uncontrollable, measure the immeasurable. She (played by Sandra Bullock in my head) succeeds against all odds.
(I would go see that movie. I really would.)

If you feel managing your talent brand is an epic and insurmountable challenge, don’t despair. The way in which your company is publically perceived as a place to work is much easier to gauge and change today than it was just 5 years ago, thanks to the help of social media channels.

And it’s worth the effort. For those of you new to the field who may be wondering, “talent brand,” is indeed very different from “company brand.” Let’s use Starbucks to illustrate the distinction.

SOURCE: talent.linkedin.com

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January 14, 2014 in Marketing