champagne-stockimage-201_305The Benefits of Working for the Rich and Famous

Ever wondered what employee benefits you would receive if you worked for a super-rich employer? Users of the website Reddit have been sharing their experiences of working for the rich and famous, and enjoying perks such as six days off a week and trips in private jets.

One story shared on the website concerns a man whose wife bought around 100 sheep just for fun and had a second house for his German Shepherd dogs to live in.

The comment read: “I worked for a guy who had some pretty major stakes in the oil business, he was pretty cool, but very weird about his money. His entire basement was full of survival supplies for when the world ends…he once asked me to price out installing a helicopter landing pad in his backyard in case anyone ever has a heart attack at one of his dinner parties…he had a second house on-site, which he used to house his German Shepherds.”


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October 8, 2015 in Resource Centre