r21Talent Branding vs. Employer Branding

It’s rare to get through any marketing or recruitment blog post these days and not see the word ‘branding’. Everything is brandable. Words, practices, people, everything. Social media and sector crossbreeding has penned many a new industry term, and it’s this refinement of recruitment practices and communication that has given us more food for thought and ways to action our messages.

Employer branding is one such term that is steadily creeping into the Marketing 101 scripture. The personalisation of messaging and role of employees in company branding has spread like wildfire, and with new attitude comes new sub-categories, relevance and practices. It’s easy to get lost in a wave of industry jargon and sector swapping, definitions become blurred and hybrids develop. One such blurring has occurred between the mutually valid, but very different, Employer Branding and Talent Branding.

Employer Branding – Hello candidates, come work for us

Employer branding has been a much covered, and argued, term in the world of recruitment. Marketing your company as a progressive, active and employee-centred employer is what Employer Branding is all about. Know what makes your company a good employer choice and communicate that to candidates. It may sound simple enough, but as with all practices, the impact lays in across the board commitment, consistency and the complete company involvement, that includes employees and all company departments.

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December 16, 2013 in Marketing