chalk-drawing-929852_640Talent Branding: Your EVP In The Age Of The Mecosystem

A new buzzword on the rise is “Mecosystem,” a set of connections in which brand fits into an individual’s life in a customized way. Mecosystems anticipate and evolve along with people’s personal expectations. It’s a great concept for consumer brands. So why not apply it to employer brands?

What Is a Mecosystem?

According to Interbrand, it’s a method that places the consumer at the center of the ecosystem. The concept advances the next stage of branding, where a product or line of products works seamlessly with its owner. “Droves of digital data, refined analytics, and real-time, multi-platform interactions help brands discover what people want — even before they do,” as Interbrand says. The consultancy calls this near future the “Age of You.” That’s because, “Within the Mecosystem paradigm, you are at the nexus of the system.”


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November 13, 2015 in Marketing