Earlsburger-andy-headworth-300x300A Superb Employer Branding And Social Recruiting Case Study

Recruitment is tough enough for many companies right now, so how would you feel if you tried to recruit new employees for restaurants across Canada and the USA without any recruiters? And I am not just talking about management roles, I am referring to staff at ALL levels.

This post is about a company that I came across while doing research for my latest book – Earls restaurants. They don’t have recruiters, HR staff doing recruiting, or even an ATS. Instead they empower their employees to help them recruit all their new staff, by focusing on their employer brand,  employee engagement, and maximising the use of social recruiting via all the social networks.

It is such a refreshing story, that I used the Earls case study in my book Social Media Recruitment (have you got your copy of this best seller yet?). It is a brilliant example of how a combination of how engaged employees can make such a difference to the success of a company.

SOURCE: sironaconsulting.com

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January 19, 2016 in Recruitment, Resource Centre