male-719539_960_720How a Strong Personal Brand Builds Your Company’s Brand

I consider myself a bit of a fanboy for LinkedIn and its publishing platform. And knowing how much I rely on it now to distribute content and engage with my audience, it’s strange to look back on a time when I didn’t even have a standard account.

I started using LinkedIn (and Twitter and other social networks) after I met some resistance getting started in the industry. Because no one outside of my own personal network had any idea who I was, people didn’t take me seriously. I struggled to include myself with other company leaders at industry events, and prospective clients and partners had never really heard of me either. How could I build a name for myself and help grow my company if no one would give me a chance?

The answer was obvious, and it was right under my nose the whole time: I needed to use the same thought leadership and executive branding services my company delivered to our clients. So we got to work establishing and building my executive brand.


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January 7, 2016 in Marketing