google-485611_960_720What are the Risks of Taking your Employer Brand Online?

In a world in which the internet has made us increasingly connected, and increasingly globalised, “information about you is out there, whether you want it or not,” Rachele Focardi, Senior Vice President APAC, Universum Global, toldHRD.

The wealth of information available online means that your employer branding exists even if you aren’t managing it: “All employers have an employer brand. Even if they don’t actively control it, it exists and it influences whether or not students and young professionals choose to work with them,” Focardi explained.

This means that an organisation’s senior leaders need to prioritise cultivating a strong employer branding online, and social media plays an integral part of this.

“Going on social media can be scary, but the reality is, you already have gone digital,” Focardi said.


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August 3, 2016 in Resource Centre