finger-769300_640-640x440The Rise of Social HR: 3 Ways Social Media is Changing How We Attract Talent

Digital has changed how the world works. Tomorrow’s HR departments will no longer worry about paper timesheets or have to deal with repetitive payroll queries thanks to today’s HR Technology.

With that, HR is becoming increasingly more digitalised. The use of social media has become the norm and the term Social HR is now used to describe the practice of using social media for HR functions, most notably recruitment, but also including employee engagement.

1)      Recruitment and Social Media: A match made in HR Heaven.

Recruitment has evolved as a result of social media and smart HR technology. LinkedIn, the world’s first social media networking platform for professionals now has a massive 356 million members and is used by 93% of recruiters. The suite of solutions offered has grown in sophistication, LinkedIn doesn’t just allow organisations to advertise job openings, now recruiters can also reach out to passive candidates using advanced search criteria. A trend that is becoming increasingly more popular amongst businesses who are looking to recruit the best talent.


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October 16, 2015 in Resource Centre