GenZ-e1449494877736How to Recruit Gen Z Through Employer Branding

Marketers are changing their focus from Gen Y (aka Millennials) to Gen Z—anyone born around 1995 or later. In addition to marketers, recruiting professionals are also shifting towards Gen Z, all those college students who are about to graduate in the next five years. But how to recruit Gen Z?

Even more, how can employers market their brand to effectively recruit Gen Z?

Karen Paginton, specialist in recruiting Gen Z in the UK, reveals some very helpful talking points. During a recent conversation with Karen Paginton, she shared those talking points to me. As a millennial, I’m only one generation away from Gen Z, so I can relate to them a little more than my Gen X predecessors. No on has the golden ticket, but Paginton, who’s recruited for KPMG and BP, offered to me her top three pieces of advice for recruiting from Gen Z.


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December 9, 2015 in Marketing, Recruitment