e2POWER of Branding: An Interview with J.D. Power

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with James David “Dave” Power III, the visionary entrepreneur whose company, J.D. Power & Associates, has become a household name since it’s inception in 1968. Dave shares many of his successes and failures in the new book, POWER: How J.D. Power III Became the Auto Industry’s Adviser, Confessor, and Eyewitness to History (Fenwick Publishing, Sept. 2013). We discussed how he was able to build a brand synonymous with the automotive industry, the power of the press, and Dave shared his tips for young people looking to get ahead.

How did your brand and company get started?

We built the company as a brand back in the 1970s. And it was our intention to sell our market research for the automobile industry. We had an independent viewpoint where we owned the data, so we could use it in a public way and let the consumers know how their ratings turned out with each car. We wanted to inform them for when they purchased their next car. However, one thing led to another and we were forced into public focus.

Source: personalbrandingblog.com

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January 20, 2014 in Resource Centre