female-702961_960_720Millennials Have a Serious ‘Failure to Commit’ Problem. Here’s the Solution

Can we learn to trust Millennials when they fail to commit? Yes, with the right techniques.

“I’m going to get really testy if you don’t finish this.”

“Seriously, I need this on my desk by Tuesday.”

“The entire project will fail if you don’t start working harder.”

“I’ve had it, you’re fired if you don’t get this done.”

Do we have their attention yet? Maybe not.

I spoke with a professor recently who works with college kids, and he said one of the biggest problems with anyone under 25 is that they just don’t commit to things unless you start getting testy with them. It’s not just lowering the bar so they can succeed. It’s taking out a ruler and slapping it against a desk until they finally listen.

“Research seems to indicate that Millennials tend to put off commitment until somewhere in their mid-twenties,” says Andrew Harris, PhD, a professor at Crown College in St. Bonifacius, Minn., who has worked in higher-education since 2004.

SOURCE: inc.com

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January 28, 2016 in Resource Centre