e16Measuring and Monitoring Engagement as a Value Add

In today’s candidate driven market, maximising engagement amongst your workforce is crucial for staying ahead of your competitors and ensuring employees are working to their full potential.

Whilst the benefits of high engagement are generally accepted as hugely important, how many businesses are measuring it as a ‘value add’ in relation to their financials? From observation it would seem that most businesses seem to be at the start of their journey when it comes to engagement, in particular measuring the impact alongside financial data. However the appetite is very much there, in addition to tackling the following:

- Heightening engagement with front line and remote employee populations

- Ensuring engagement is consistent across different geographies

- Tailoring engagement strategies to employees based on their seniority

- Boosting engagement with little or no monetary incentives

- Articulating to the business the benefits of engagement in relation to cost savings – for example improved retention, reduced absence and heightened performance

SOURCE: recruitmentbuzz.co.uk

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November 28, 2013 in Marketing