e2Managing a Long-Term Focus on Talent

Imagine that you walk up to a random 16-year-old stranger and say, “This may sound a bit strange, but today you and I will start a friendship that will develop over the coming 45 years. We will have our ups and downs as in any friendship, but towards the end of our relationship we will look back on the years gone by and say that we have grown, that we have learned and that it was very rewarding.” Very strange indeed! The reaction of that 16-year-old would probably be one of total confusion. However, if we place the situation in a talent/employer context, it suddenly makes more sense.

In today’s world of continuously increased competition for talent, employers must take a long-term view on relations with high potentials. Ages 16–60 is half a lifetime, but the value that the right, engaged employees offer an employer is worth the effort. Top performers may potentially join and re-join the same company a number of times throughout their careers, most likely adding more and more value to the business.

SOURCE: universumglobal.com

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December 9, 2013 in Recruitment