e2Loyalty and employer branding in the social media age: Keith Crowell interview

Online communities have been around since, well, there’s been an online, but the rapidly evolving age of social media has thrown a hypothetical spanner in the works. Community managers and digital strategists swarmed to Sydney in September to hear expert international and local speakers give insights and advice on building and operating the best and most successful online communities at ‘Swarm’, the conference.

International speakers included Keith Crowell from the US, a social media expert and vice president of Social Instinct, a social media moderation and management platform. Crowell has been building online communities since 1998 when he worked as a key member of Apple’s first email support team and came to the attention of Steve Jobs with his idea of using customer feedback to produce useable customer data.

Social Instinct has offices in San Rafael, California and in Sydney and is a platform owned by Appen (formerly Appen Butler Hill), a language technology solutions and consulting firm and has had offices in Australia for 20 years.

SOURCE: marketingmag.com.au

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January 24, 2014 in Marketing