For_the_Love_of_LinkedIn_at_We_Love_9amFor the Love of LinkedIn – Five reasons you need to get your employees on LinkedIn now

LinkedIn continues to reign supreme as the king of the social staples. It’s long been the best pal of all professionals looking for a public place to showcase their experience and collect quality contacts. And with this has come a plethora of new and interesting opportunities for presenting and strengthening your Employer Brand.

The mighty Employer Brand is made up of all the good stuff – the values, style, message, experience and meaning of You. Every post, action and behaviour you share with the world goes into the EB pot so it needs to be on-brand and on-the-button. LinkedIn gives you so much opportunity, scope and the tools to tick some major Employer Brand boxes and so much more.

If you need any more reasons to get your employees joining LinkedIn, here are five fantastic ones.


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January 15, 2016 in Resource Centre