office-romanceJob Board Research Reveals 7 in 10 Accountants Call for Ban on Office Relationships

According to new research released by global job board, seven in ten accountants believe there should be a ban on office relationships – particularly if they work closely or are reporting directly to each other.The research, entitled “Ethics –The Moral Compass at Work” and conducted amongst 1,705 accounting professionals during July-September 2015, also revealed that nine in ten of their organisations do not currently have a ban on office relationships and three quarters of respondents are aware of someone in their organisation who has had a relationship with someone else in the office.

Many of those calling for a ban believe that inter-office relationships can come across as unprofessional. They also stated that that business and personal lives should not be mixed as they can be detrimental to the organisation as well as to one’s career. Whilst one accountant believes that there is no grey area on this matter (‘it’s abhorrent”), some felt that office relationships can impair judgement, create a conflict of interest, prevent them and others from achieving organisational goals and disrupt the team spirit. One accountant simply said ‘I don’t have time for love’.


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October 6, 2015 in News, Resource Centre