r263Importance of employer branding

Employer branding has been a very popular concept with HR professionals, branding consultants, and market researchers in the recent past. While attracting the right talent and retaining them becomes a critical aspect for business success, research has shown that right brand for an employer can really help in this regard.

A brand symbolises a few messages. Just like a popular brand of customer product expresses certain qualities and images, an employer brand represents the corporate identity to its current and prospective employees, headhunters, and other stakeholders who get associated with the people side of the corporate.

A brand of a product expresses two aspects — first would be the real benefits like skin care, dressing, safety. The second aspect would be the image which it carries — for example youthfulness, futuristic, newness, stardom, respect which gets transferred to its users. An example would be driving an up-market car.

SOURCE: hrzone.com

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January 29, 2014 in Resource Centre