How_to_humanise_your_brand_at_We_Love_9amHow to humanise your brand – Keeping it real and making connections that count

Creating a brand that’s memorable, appealing and engaging is big business. How you communicate is probably more important than what you communicate and brands everywhere are catching onto that fact. After all, your employees are people, your audiences are people, your followers are people so why are you talking and walking like a robot? Aiming to be as human as possible is one of the smartest brand decisions you’ll ever make.

‘Going human’ doesn’t need to be a big budget affair, it’s all about putting people and natural connection at the heart of engagement. Trust is the holy grail, the thing every brand is after and it can be yours with some savvy humanising. So, what can you do to become more human? How can your brand ditch its robot-like ways and connect with audiences like a human being? Take a gander at our tremendous tips.


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November 16, 2015 in Marketing