Twitter-bird-logo-arrowHow to Grow your Brand on Twitter

With Twitter now eclipsing 200 million active users and on the verge of an IPO, there can no longer be any doubt that Twitter will become a regular feature on the docket of marketing executives. The company Twitter will be on a prolonged offensive to develop its business and monetize its base. The question then becomes, from a brand’s perspective, how to grow your brand on Twitter?

Objectives first

The first point of call is to figure out what are the overall business objectives and to understand how social media — and in this case Twitter — will be a contributing factor in the overall strategy. With these objectives clearly in mind, the next consideration is to figure out what you will be measuring against. For example, where is it that you want the Twitter users to go (i.e. create a funnel)? What actions do you want to stimulate (e.g. subscribe to a newsletter)? Once the objectives and measuring sticks have been identified, then a strategy and implementation plan comes into focus.


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November 16, 2013 in Marketing, Resource Centre