medium_4638947724How To Get Your Executive Team On Board With The Benefits Of Branding

When trying to articulate the benefits of a new brand to your executive team, two factors are important, finding a common language and then phrasing this language in terms of growth.

Many people we speak to arrive at the pitfall of trying to define “branding” to their executive teams. As the word is so amorphous, and with varying interpretations by “branding experts” as to what the term involves, why not try to avoid arriving at a concrete definition but merely discuss how in today’s market, where there is so much background noise, being differentiated and clearly and simply communicating your company’s purpose is even more crucial. Your board is likely already adept at doing this verbally to many stakeholders, it is therefore crucial to emphasize that these same concepts need to be carried consistently through the visual extension of your business.


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November 17, 2013 in Marketing, Resource Centre