I love my jobHow to Better Recruit Using your Employer Brand

It is neither a secret, nor is it a surprise: the current situation of today’s labor market’s demography and economy favours workers. Hence, companies need to be creative, adopt proactive measures, and have a solid human resources plan in hand in order to recruit good candidates. So, learn to better position yourself to better surpass your competitors in the war for talent. How? By using your employer brand to recruit efficiently – and here is how to do it!

What is an Employer Brand?

An employer brand is an organization’s reputation regarding the sum of all tactics employed in order to be well perceived by its actual and potential employees. However, it’s more than a simple image or advertising campaign; employer branding requires time and a lot of investment.

The good news? On top of being accessible to all companies, employer branding also firmly establishes an organization’s identity and culture in the eyes of its current employees, as well as communicates an organization’s success (quality of HR management, qualified workforce, etc.). Moreover, your employer brand helps you better recruit potential employees.

SOURCE: atmanco.com

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December 18, 2014 in Recruitment