4843576916_75c594ba06_n-300x225How to Approach Branding Following a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions always seem to be in vogue. If the economy is strong, companies are buying healthy “up-and-comers” who can add to their portfolio; and in bad times companies are looking to pick up good value from other companies who are struggling financially. For marketers, a merger or acquisition brings branding issues to the forefront like little else. Each one is unique and different, but there are some commonalities in how to approach and develop a brand strategy to take full advantage of the business decisions during the transition.

When mergers and acquisitions are discussed, there’s a lot of talk about executives, lawyers and accountants performing due diligence to understand the value of the decision. This review and discovery should extend beyond the financials, products and business strategies to examine branding and marketing of the acquired or merged company. Reviewing marketing research, perception studies, existing marketing materials and campaigns along with a competitive evaluation can inform marketing leadership on how to approach branding of the new organization.

SOURCE: business2community.com

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November 18, 2013 in Resource Centre