Developing a BrandHow Industry Experts Define Employer Branding

Branding is a concept widely understood as establishing a certain reputation or status in connotation with a person, brand, company or product. As most small business owners would know, the importance of Employer Branding cannot be overlooked.

With the influence of social media and consumers’ ability to directly communicate with their service provider or company every status update and tweet has now become reflective of what the brand stands for. Freelancers in various fields have also come to understand that they themselves can now be seen as a brand and in order to recruit prospective clients their online as well as offline image has to reflect their work ethic and professionalism.

Recruitment Buzz took some time to interview a few industry experts and ask them what exactly they understood under the term ‘Employer Branding’ as well as the importance of this branding in their respective industries.

Meet the Experts:

Steven Rothberg is the Founder and President of the leading resource for students looking for internships and job opportunities. The company generates revenue from advertising sales for the online and offline editions. Steven Rothberg takes responsibility of managing the marketing and sales sectors.

Rebekah Radice is one influential lady, as the Manger of Industry Engagement for Gardens Real Estate as well as Better Homes, she knows what it is to be the ‘voice’ behind a brand. As a marketing and social media expert Rebekah wants to help others ‘Stop those time sucking activities and maximize, prioritize and monetize your online efforts. Rebekah also shares informative and quality content over at

Evan Walden sees himself as a connector that loves social entrepreneurship, hip hop and coffee. As Chairman and President to Rework these attributes definitely count in his favor. He is known for consulting with startups assisting them in the planning and strategies of their businesses.

Farnoosh Brock is a multi-talented individuals that is skilled in coaching, entrepreneurship, yoga, juicing as well as writing. Her website Prolific Living has its focus on helping others create ‘smart habits for rich living. Farnoosh will help you realize your potential and break free the shackles that has been holding you back from the life your are destined to live.

Question 1: What is the definition of Employer Branding

Steven Rothberg:

Employer branding is the communication of an organization as a great place to work. More specifically, a negative employer brand means that the organization is a poor place to work while a positive brand means it is a great place to work. Note that the organization itself helps to create its own brand but much and often most of the brand is created by employees, vendors, customers, partners, competitors, media, and others.

Rebekah Radice:

Proper employer branding conveys a powerful message to employees as well as potential recruits. It is the image your business or brand wishes to project both internally and externally within the marketplace. It conveys who you are as a business, setting the tone and creating an environment that current employees, recruits, customers and key stakeholders view as a positive brand experience.

Evan Walden:

Employer Branding happens every time a company (or extension of that company – social media, recruiters, etc.) communicates with the world. Top candidates are watching the way your company behaves. They are trying to decide, based on that small amount of information, whether or not your company is a good fit for them. Branding your organization to the very best comes way before they read your job description.

Farnoosh Brock:

Employer Branding is when your employees are truly identifying with you more than just as an entity or a faceless corporation. It is when they share your vision for the future, your impact to people, your place in the world, and your values. Employer Branding is when the employer can articulate and pass on these concepts effectively to the employees and instill trust and royalty. That’s when Employer Branding is well in place.

Question 2: What is the Importance of Employer Branding?

Steven Rothberg:

Branding is important as the best performing employees tend to have choices as to where they work and people tend to prefer to work for quality employers. The better your brand, the better likelihood you’ll have of hiring star applicants. Those star applicants will be your future leaders.

Rebekah Radice:

One of the most important decisions any business professional will make is the brand they choose to align themselves with. Employer branding is vital to businesses as they look to retain current employee’s and as they eagerly work to draw top talent to their business or brand. Positive and consistent reinforcement of employee branding sends a message to employees and the marketplace that will encourage growth and possibly eliminate high turn-over.

Evan Walden:

Talent is everything to a business. By clearly and intentionally expressing your culture to future employees, you allow exceptional talent to self select into your organization. Being open and clear about the kind of person you want working for you will attract people who are more likely to be a good fit. This saves valuable time in the long run when screening job applicants.

Farnoosh Brock:

It is important because it distinguishes you. There is someone out there doing something similar to what you are doing, no matter what industry or field you are in. There is a lot of competition but in this new economy, the consumer – the fan, the ideal client, the potential buyer – wants to connect with the seller on a deeper level. That’s where branding comes in and sets you apart. You can be a unique brand and that’s empowering.

Tell us what you understand under ‘Employer Branding’ and how you agree or disagree with these industry experts…

October 16, 2013 in Resource Centre