imagesHow does your Employer Brand affect Talent Attraction?

Much to my surprise, I met with a client earlier today, who was recruiting for a Sales Executive and had placed a lineage job advert in his local newspaper!

Within 24 hours, he received over 30 phone calls direct to his mobile from prospective applicants…he received a further 3 calls during our hour long meeting! Were the applicants of sufficient quality to progress? NO! Did he regret his strategy? YES!

To most internet savvy companies; advertising jobs in the local newspaper is undoubtedly a thing of the past! Having worked with job seekers for years, I’d be hard pressed to remember one who said that they searched the paper for job listings!

How is Your Employer Brand Perceived?

This story however, raises a number of issues and one of the glaring ones for me, is thinking about how is your Employer Brand is perceived by potential applicants. If you were a job seeker, would a cheap lineage job advert make you scream “I want to work for this company!” I would suggest NOT!


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November 14, 2013 in Marketing, Resource Centre