e1Five Ways to Improve Your Online Brand

If you’re on the management team of a professional services or consulting firm, you know it’s important that both you and the experts who are your “product” project a positive brand image. In fact, the same is true for any finance executive who wants to earn and keep the respect of banks, investors, customers, partners and suppliers. Yesthat’s you.

Of course, a truly effective brand goes beyond the basics like making sure your business cards and office stationery send the right message about your firm.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to project a professional image online. Unless you’ve been actively managing your online brand throughout the year, you’re missing out on a great marketing tool — and possibly losing business to competitors. The new year is a perfect time to review your online branding status and make plans to improve it. Here are five tips that can help:

Check your privacy settings: If you use social-media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for personal communication and sharing photos with family and friends, you probably publish comments and photos that aren’t necessarily meant for public consumption.

But unless your privacy settings shield these items from view, anyone who does a search on your name will find images and communications that you didn’t intend to share with the world. The new year is a good time to review all your personal social-media platforms to make sure they are shared only with the people for whom they were intended.

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January 14, 2014 in Resource Centre