r20Employer Branding: The Key to Recruiting Star Candidates

There are jobs and then there are dream jobs – those roles at companies that you really want to join. Maybe they make a product or service that you love. Maybe they have an amazing corporate culture in which you know you could thrive. Or maybe they have a mission statement in which you could really believe. If given the opportunity you would drop everything, move across the country and even take a pay cut just to get your foot in the door. As an employer, there is no better position to be in.

Google is one of those places, ranked as the best place to work by Fortune magazine in four of the last seven years. Yet even Google has turned to what some would call extreme means to further that devotion to their employer brand. A recent movie, The Internship, which takes place at Google headquarters, showcases the company’s legendary Mountain View, Calif., campus and corporate culture, complete with hazing, scary managers and wild goose-chasing pranks. While the movie makes light of the highly sought-after Google internship, it was seen by executives as an effective way to further expose the company’s “do-no-evil” culture and get more potential candidates interested in technology, computers and, ultimately, becoming “Googlers.” That such a highly sought-after employer still sees the need to go to such lengths highlights the need for branding to attract top candidates in today’s economic climate.

SOURCE: thestaffingstream.com

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January 9, 2014 in Recruitment