Good, Bad or Ugly?Employer Branding: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Vice Media and Gawker Media—two rivals known for their exposé journalism— use their talents to attack each other’s employer brand, and things get ugly.
Google teaches us all the best way to prevent an embarrassing exposé: expose oneself.

The Bad & The Ugly: Vice Vs. Gawker

Vice is one of the fastest-growing media companies today, last year receiving a $70M investment and speculated to be valued in the billions by 2016. Known most popularly for its HBO series that covers stories often left out of the 24/7 news cycle—such as rising rape cases in India and child deaths caused by US-sanctioned drone strikes in Pakistan—Vice’s content is very aligned with the counterculture ideals and truth-seeking, exposé journalism its fans have grown to expect from the brand.


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June 16, 2014 in headlines, News