e1Employer Branding Strategies helping Canadian Business Attract World Class Talent

Often when people think of branding they are referring to products and services. In the last three years more companies are focused on evolving their Employer Brand Strategy and are seeing dramatic business results.

“An employer brand strategy is an increasingly critical element for attracting, engaging and retaining top talent,” said Stacy Parker, Managing Director of the Blu Ivy Group.

“An employer brand is not a recruitment advertising campaign. The key to long term and measurable success is integrating the employer brand into all touch points of the employee life cycle in the organization, including employment products and services, communications and talent strategy, and having solid analytics to track the business impact.” says the Global Employer Brand Manager of Scotiabank, Estela Vazquez Perez Colombo.

Parker elaborated on these points by stating, “When companies do it right, they attract world class talent, increase profitability and revenue, and take more market share from their competitors. It requires a strong team of leaders from Human Resources, Marketing, Communications, and IT, as well as the support of the CEO to ensure you have an employer brand strategy that sticks.”

SOURCE: news-quality.com

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December 18, 2013 in Recruitment