Employer-Branding2-300x177Employer Branding Statistics you can’t Ignore

As you may know we love a statistic down at Papirfly Towers and if you are reading this you might be delighted to know that you are one of over ten thousand unique individuals who have taken the time to come and view our site since we re-launched it back in March 2013.

During that time we’ve continued to witness a relentless growth in the Employer Branding community, and an ever increasing thirst for knowledge from Employer Brand professionals seeking to make their organisation stand out from the crowd.

So when we were approached by the good people at Software Advice offering us a whole raft of useful Employer Brand statistics, we had to say yes. Particularly as they had polled over 4,600 professionals. The survey focuses on Glassdoor, a technology many of you will be familiar with, but for those of you without this technology, it’s fairly straightforward to read between the lines of the survey and come to some fairly solid conclusions.

- Your company is being extensively researched by prospective employees. What does a search on your organisation say to a prospect?

SOURCE: papirflybrandcentre.com

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January 27, 2014 in News