r12Employer Branding is People Talking About You

When it comes to social media within an organization, often times the company wants to control the message.  For years our company leaders have believed that they could control the employee populations or positioning with a simple company memo or manager meeting talking points.  Enter social media, and the corporate world – and how the story of the corporate world is heard – has changed forever.  The company can no longer control the message, and personally, that idea was always a fantasy; the employer never really could.

Prior to social media an employee or job seeker had little options.  They might share with a friend their candidate experience or interaction with an employer brand touching and talking with a handful of other persons along the way.  Individuals could express their concern, praise, or dissatisfaction with the organization often privately with closed in person meetings.  These same individuals could take extreme measures and post their opinions, feelings, and opinions publicly by writing a letter to the editor.

SOURCE: smartrecruiters.com

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December 12, 2013 in Marketing