portrait-926861_640Employer Branding Frames the Candidate

According to the Talent Leaders Connect event in London this year, candidate experience is a hotly debated issue. However, many Talent Acquisition leaders are approaching this issue in different ways.

Only 27% of Talent Acquisition leaders surveyed were focusing on improvement of employer branding as a solution. The problem with this is that employer branding frames the talent brand. The first critical piece of a company’s talent brand is its candidate experience.


Many companies consider their employees their strongest asset. The cream of the crop all want to work for great companies. So why wouldn’t a company want to invest in its employer branding to define itself as a great company? A positive employer brand is evident in all pieces of the company culture, but it is most evident when a candidate begins their journey towards employment. Using these tools, a business can put its best foot forward and enhance the candidate experience:

SOURCE: greenjobinterview.com

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November 11, 2015 in Marketing