5-for-Blog1Employer Branding – 5 companies who got it right

Any firm looking to recruit staff will want to attract the best and brightest talent out there and there are various techniques used to appeal to the highest quality candidates.

These include: graduate employee programmes where you can foster individuals who show promise but may benefit from experience; internships where you can ascertain the skill levels of your potential intake and perhaps find someone to offer a long term contract to and mentoring schemes which encourage enthusiastic job seekers to hone their talents and teach them about their chosen industry. Grass roots recruitment are just one of many who sponsors training for talented individuals while they are still in education.

Another angle to take when it comes to finding the perfect people for the job is to consider your brand as an employer. International brands which are household names will often come across in a certain way to job hunters and understanding your own brand and how to tweak it to appeal more to candidates could make a big difference to the applications that you get.

Some of the biggest companies out there have the best employer brands and this is no coincidence. Positive branding attracts good employees who drive a company to better achievement. Here are some of the success stories.

As one of the most ubiquitous brands around, Google has always had a reputation for providing its employees with a stimulating and motivating work environment. Photographs of their offices circulated all over the web and soon even the most serious commentators bought into the beauty of their brightly coloured helter skelters, playrooms and other quirky design features. The fact that so much coverage has been given to the interiors of Google’s offices is an example of how employer brand can really work for a company. Nobody could see the photos of the flower-power boardroom in its London office or the stunning roof terrace and believe that this employer wasn’t committed to their employees’ wellbeing.

The professional services company may not be a big name to a lot of people, but their services are used by businesses the world over. It is known the world over for the quality of their services, consistently winning awards for the work in the fields of tax, auditing and advisory services, but it also receives accolades for the way it treats its employees. It has been named as having some of the most attractive employers in the world and was inducted as a member of the Working Mother Hall of Fame for the way it treats those of its employees who have families as well as professional commitments. Offering employees packages which go above and beyond your legal obligations and into the realm of generous sends the message that you are interested in their lives outside the office and appreciate that happy employees are more productive.

Proctor and Gamble
As one of the foremost producers of consumer goods in the world, Proctor and Gamble is the kind of company that is responsible for bringing a surprising number of products to our shelves. From pet food to personal care products, it is a massive employer and one which has enjoyed a consistently good reputation among its workforce and prospective candidates. It is ranked highly by its existing employees in all the categories for which businesses are normally scored such as the opportunity for progression, gender equality, colleagues and even environmental friendliness. It is known for offering generous wages and its training programmes offer people the opportunity to work with international colleagues and attend lectures and seminars on a variety of topics.

As one of the most profitable companies in the world, Microsoft is known the world over for treating its workforce well. Both its African and Indian operations have drawn international acclaim as generous and engaged employer for its work to actively stimulate the economy of the areas where it has offices. It is actively committed to bringing affordable technology to businesses and individuals in order to increase the opportunities for the people who could benefit from it the most. Job security has also been a factor in attracting employees to roles with the technology giant and salary and employee benefit packages have proved popular among the workforces in these countries.

As one of the big four providers of professional services, including employment services, it stands Deloitte in good stead to have a good reputation among its employees and potential recruits. It has won awards in numerous categories, such as one of the top graduate employers, one of the top employers of women, as one of the best big companies to work for and a host of other awards for its working practices. All of this means that it attracts the best in recruits from graduates to top professionals in its fields.

Working on your brand image among prospective employees can help you if there are misconceptions about your business. It is important that your business is genuinely committed to providing a positive working environment for your employees. Thinking carefully about the working culture, the packages you offer and the way your company is portrayed online could be the best way to promote your employer brand.

November 20, 2013 in Marketing, Resource Centre