employer-brandingEmployer Branding 101

Employer Branding is the brand strategy of attracting the best talent to your company and its culture by positively differentiating it from others. It’s the job of selling not your products but your company as a whole – adding value to your jobs and actively telling potential employees that winning a place on your payroll will be more rewarding and desirable than that of any other company.

That’s what Employer Branding is. Now, how do you implement it? Here are our ten recommendations.

1. Know your audience and tailor your brand to them
No single approach will work for all audiences, so it’s vital to know each audience, to understand what makes them tick and to tailor your offering and your message. To be successful you need to adapt your employer brand to your various target audiences, taking into account differing values, ambitions and needs in addition to geographic and cultural backgrounds.

SOURCE: experis.co.uk

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January 31, 2014 in Resource Centre