Personal-Branding-BrandEmployer brand is secret to success

InterContinental Hotels Group’s Tracy Robbins tells us about her vision of an employer brand and how it has transformed the sprawling company into a cohesive unit whose staff, wherever they are, deliver excellence and consistency.

Few industries in the world rely so much on consistency as the hotels business. After all, who hasn’t travelled to a luxury hotel in one country and compared it to a sister hotel in another?

Hotels are about creating a memorable experience regardless of location, which makes getting a high level of consistency paramount. Consistency in service, facilities, cleanliness, food, ambiance, you name it – a hotel’s brand and success hinge on being able to deliver uniformity. But trying to maintain that across a global empire of 4,600 hotels in more than 100 countries is a challenging prospect.


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January 28, 2014 in Recruitment