Cutting-loose_300pxEmployee Engagement and Detachment

While on the conference call today it occurred to me that technology has massively changed the way we all do business from when I started as a fresh faced lad. I now carry a smart phone in my jacket that has pretty much replaced an office full of technology and cut the tether keeping me in the office.

We are all more interconnected, and as a result most of us are more productive. The drawback is of course that it is more difficult to switch off and I suspect many of you will quickly check emails before going to bed. So where am I going with this ramble…

In the aftermath of this technological revolution, has it really done anything to change the way the majority of us work? Up in the morning, get to the office, work until you feel you have stayed long enough to not look like a chancer, then home to continue working, via technology. We are constantly entangled in streams of communication that makes us feel busy, but often to no result.


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November 19, 2013 in Marketing