signs-416444_640The Difficulty of ‘Disappointment Management’

Pay a lot of attention to “Disappointment Management”. World class recruiters do the simple things well and the difficult things in a thoroughly professional way. Managing people’s disappointment is one of the difficult things. You are going to have to explain to individuals on a daily basis why they haven’t got the job they had their heart set on, why their CV has been rejected by a client, why the candidate will not be turning up or taking the job and perhaps to a member of your team why they can’t have a day off or won’t be promoted just yet.

Managing people’s disappointment is vital to growing a desk, a team, and/or a business but most of all it’s a vital component in the quest to build your own reputation. And just as building a strong and robust reputation takes time and effort so too does having a world class contact process.

Here’s a project for you: Take a few minutes out right now and write down the in order all the points of contact you have with candidates. That’s everything from inviting them into your LinkedIn network, receiving their CV, through to checking that three months into their new job they are still delighted by the choices they made. Take just two of those candidate contact points and review what you do right now and how that can be improved to be the very best it can be. Then take a deep breath and when you realise what it will take to improve those two contact points to the very best they can be then you have some idea as to the extent of this mammoth project. It might feel a little daunting at first but as the old cliché says “Every journey has to start with the first step”.


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October 26, 2015 in Marketing