e1Danish professionals want to work for Google, Lego and Novo Nordisk

Universum surveyed 3,700 working professionals in Denmark to get insights on their career expectations and preference. The results have then been broken down based on the professionals’ academic degrees in Business, Engineering and IT. By asking the target group to choose their favorite organizations, Universum can present Denmark’s most attractive employers.

For respondents with an academic background in business, Lego is their first choice employer, followed by Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg. For people with an academic background in engineering, Novo Nordisk is highly favored, followed by COWI and Rambøll. Lastly, for professionals with IT degrees, Google is perceived as their ideal employer, followed by Lego.

“Danish professionals want to work in an innovative and international organization where they can develop their skills. However, when asked about their current employers, associations such as old fashioned and bureaucratic are common. If companies in Denmark want to attract top talent in the future, it is important that they work on becoming more innovative and spend resources in professional training and development”, said Jesper Dansholm, Universum´s Country Manager in Denmark.

SOURCE: universumglobal.com

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November 29, 2013 in News