0c50c41Branding Is King

A company is only as good as its branding. Branding creates awareness, secures top-of-mind, builds affinity and customer loyalty

In the West, and in countries like South Korea and Japan, companies really invest in it. Everyone knows Coca-Cola, Samsung and Sony. Yet few Asean companies focus on their marque. Everything is about the bottom line and returns straight away, but it takes five years to see the fruits of branding.

AirAsia wouldn’t be where it is today without branding, going from 200,000 passengers when we started 12 years ago to 44 million passengers this year. It wasn’t easy. But we were confident and made bold moves, even when we were small.

AirAsia had just seven planes when we sponsored Manchester United. We were only four years in but we believed we could do it. And we landed the deal. While all eyes were on the pitch at Old Trafford, my partner Dato’ Kamarudin and I were staring at the billboards.

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October 17, 2013 in Marketing, Recruitment, Resource Centre