How-to-Boost-Employer-Branding-by-Responding-to-Negative-Reviews-on-Glassdoor-1024x576Boost Employer Branding by Responding to Negative Reviews on Glassdoor

It’s human nature to want people to like you; unfortunately, people aren’t always so generous with their opinions. Even employers suffer from the “What do they think of me?” mentality. What Yelp is for businesses, Glassdoor is for employers, and for every positive response, there’s bound to be a negative review (or two!) 

We’ve talked before about Glassdoor reviews, and while it might be easier to ignore the employee reviews on the employer rating site, you simply can’t disregard the evaluations. To grow as a company – as a team – you have to learn how to take the blows, learn from them, and respond with tact and respect. Your internal culture and employer branding both depend on it.


First and foremost, you can’t let the negative reviews fall by the wayside. It’s easy, yes, to read the poor review and simply move on, but letting the candidate’s attitude towards the organization fester will only do more damage. According to HR software comparison agency, Software Advice, nearly half (42%) of all job seekers use Glassdoor at some point during their search for employment. Ignoring a negative Glassdoor review can only lead to an overall substandard employer brand reputation.


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January 6, 2016 in Marketing, Recruitment