magnet-41167_640How do you Become a Talent Magnet?

Having survived leavers’ prom, a lads’ trip to Zante and T-in the Park I asked my 18 year old how long he would stay in his first job. Ben replied he would stay until a better job came along explaining that: “Ideally I would want to get enough experience and develop skills to be able to move on, unless promotional chances were available”.

Regardless if you call them an Echo Boomer, a Millennial, Generation Y or, the spoilt generation (for those born between early 1980s and early 2000s), Ben’s answer fits with the research. Other than packing booze and dry shampoo (unused) for the music festival what do these Echo Boomers look like?

According to a report by Forbes, 91% of Echo Boomers are likely to move jobs every three years even if they are happy with the organisation. A “job for life” is rare; they will have experienced no or irregular pay uplifts and for the Echo Boomers, internal promotion has been scarce. Whereas, when the Baby Boomers entered the market in the 20th Century they worked hard, were loyal and gave their all and in return could have had a life-long career, regular salary increases and internal promotions.


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October 13, 2015 in Recruitment, Resource Centre